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Our Story & Philosophy

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More than art, more than passion, more than a woman; SHE73 Abstract Art is a legacy, its livelihood, its purpose from the pain. Using acrylic paints and mixed media canvas, the artist develops one-of-a-kind conceptual pieces that illustrate various expressions and are available in several color choices and styles.

Tenacious and inspiring artist, a Flint, Michigan native, began creating abstract art as a form of self-healing and a way to process the emotional trauma she had endured during her 20-year career on the police force. SHE73 was birthed in 2018 and became a vessel to turn her pain into beauty through art that ignites hope and brings light and love to the world.

She has devoted her life's work to serving others and inspiring her community. Despite the controversial environments, unfair work conditions, and repeated sexual and racial discrimination, SHE73 remained committed to her oath to protect and serve. She proudly served the last ten years of her career in one of Michigan's largest city, as the first and only African American detective.

As the first black officer, she dealt with bigotry and unethical bias daily. The emotional trauma and PTSD ultimately became too much to bear, and she left her dream career in 2017, resigning from the police department.

SHE73 is now focused on the future and fueled by the passion for serving others and sharing beautiful art with the world. These timeless pieces are an investment into generational legacy and inspirational beauty.

SHE73 has sold over 40 pieces in her art collection. SHE73 is also very talented in interior design. She was commissioned to design 2 homes in Atlanta and a Dr.'s office in Naples Florida. 

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